Waddington All Saints Academy

A brighter future begins today.

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Our core belief is to inspire and motivate all children to have a wonderful desire to learn and grow as individuals and a collective.

At Waddington All Saints our aim is to provide a learning environment that enables children to thrive and develop as learners.

We want to empower children to become life long learners who are prepared to take risks, learn with growing independence and develop skills that enable them to fly high academically, socially and physically.


If they have wings, why make them walk



All-Saints Academy is a popular and over-subscribed school located about 6 miles south of the city of Lincoln.

We take children from the age of 4 to the age of 11. As a large village primary school we are able to provide our children with access to an extensive and purposeful range of resources.

“The behaviour of pupils is outstanding. Pupils follow school routines to the letter. As a result, behaviour in the school grounds, in corridors and in the dining hall is usually impeccable.”


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High Flyers

16 Dec 17

Added High Flyers from the 15 Dec 2017 to the High Flyers page.

Congratulations to all the children.

Stars of the Term

19 Dec 17

Added Stars of the Term from the Winter 2017 Term.

Congratulations to all the children.

High Flyers

15 Jan 18

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Congratulations to all the children.